Research Jobfinder’s careers advice offers strategies for success, interview techniques, creating a cover letter , CV developing and interview techniques.

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Research Jobfinder’s careers advice offers strategies for success, interview techniques, creating a cover letter  and developing your CV.

  • Frustrated in your current role?

    • 24 May 2019
    • Sophie Newman - research recruitment specialist at Stopgap

    Advice for those feeling unsatisfied and exasperated at work.

  • Life after London

    • 18 Apr 2019
    • Lara Fisher-Jones, research recruitment specialist at Stopgap

    Options for researchers thinking of leaving the big smoke

  • Making the move clientside

    • 20 Feb 2019
    • Lara Fisher-Jones

    There's often a moment in an agency researcher's career when they consider life on the clientside.

  • Salaries in the research sector and what this means for people changing jobs

    • 20 Nov 2018

    Lara Fisher-Jones shares her expertise in market research recruitment to help those searching for their next role.

  • Social media and your job search – Your Must Do Checklist

    • 29 Oct 2018

    As well as social media being another way to hunt for your next job, please be mindful that it's also another way of enabling a potential employer to check you out...

  • Thinking about a move?

    • 1 Oct 2018

    Autumn can be a busy season in the world of recruitment. Holidays are often a time for reflection and we find people return from this period motivated to make a change in their work life. 

  • Job hunting for the first time (or the first time in a long time)?

    • 3 Sep 2018

    Job hunting can be daunting. On top of working out what you want, what your CV should say, and what you should wear, the hardest part can be working out where to find the job you want.

  • Need advice on staying motivated whilst on the job hunt?

    • 18 Jul 2018

    Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up the positivity and drive in your job search. Here are some top tips from market research recruitment consultant, Lara Fisher-Jones to help those of you in this situation.

  • The Power of Your Personal Brand

    • 4 Jun 2018
    • Megan Boyle

    Branding has long been associated with how businesses markets themselves. However nowadays nearly every individual has their own ‘personal brand’. While typically individuals may not carefully curate their personal brands, there is no doubting their inevitable existence (and importance!).

  • Negotiating the best starting salary

    Negotiating the best starting salary

    • 12 Feb 2018

    Understandably, many people find discussing salaries uncomfortable and embarrassing during an interview. However, most interviewers expect some bartering and, if it motivates you to put more into the job, it is worthwhile for both the applicant and the employer.

  • Do's and don'ts for developing a CV

    Do's and don'ts for developing a CV

    • 12 Feb 2018

    A Curriculum Vitae is a self-marketing tool and getting an interview can depend on how good your CV is. You will need to consider what to include, how much detail is needed and how to make your CV stand out from all the others.

  • Creating rapport in an interview

    Creating rapport in an interview

    • 12 Feb 2018

    Rapport is the connection between two people; the spoken and unspoken words that say ‘we are on the same page’. In an interview situation you can employ numerous techniques to maximize the rapport between yourself and your interviewer.

  • Creating an alluring covering letter

    Creating an alluring covering letter

    • 12 Feb 2018

    The main aim of a covering letter is to encourage recruiters to read your CV. However, it needs to do a lot more than say, 'here is my CV!'. In short, it is the biggest chance you have to sell yourself.

  • Psychometric testing in interviews

    Psychometric testing in interviews

    • 12 Feb 2018

    Employers often use psychometric testing to vet potential employees and help them understand a little more about your personality and ability to fit into the role they are offering – and this type of testing is becoming increasing popular.

  • A new landscape for researchers

    • 14 May 2013
    • Kate Langford Associate Partner - Hasson Associates

    Building a career in research used to be quite a straight forward process. However, in recent years, the researcher’s road to career stardom has become tough to navigate.

  • A Guide For Moving To Oz

    • 13 May 2013
    • Gemma Hughes

    After a successful time recruiting in the UK, Resources Group’s Gemma Hughes moved ‘Down Under’, to join our Sydney office. Gemma gives an account of what it was like to move, the process and the lifestyle which we hope will be useful to others contemplating a career move to Australia.

  • The Importance Of The Person?

    • 12 Apr 2013

    I recently read an article by Lou Adler on reducing hiring mistakes, and in particular placing the emphasis on identifying motivated individuals over purely competent individuals.

  • Using Social Media to help with your Job Hunt

    • 27 Feb 2013
    • Amy Kirby

    Social Media is an inescapable part of job hunting, but many questions surround its use. How can it assist your search for your next job? What are the do’s and don’ts? And is it an effective method at all? Below I have tried to answer some of these questions for you.

  • Researchers: if you want to get on – learn to sell

    • 5 Nov 2012

    Researchers, as a breed, are rarely viewed as born sales-people. Although I have come across some who would beat the pants off an east-end used car salesman, most tell me that they would rather have their molars drilled unnecessarily, than make new business happen from a standing start.

  • Reasons for leaving your job, wise words from Sinead Hasson

    • 8 Oct 2012

    As recruiters we will always ask you why you want to leave your current employer. The reason we do this is because some reasons are valid and some reasons can be solved by a quick chat with your manager.