Would a video-application help you stand out from the competition?

Video interview

Social media over the last few years has made us all very familiar with watching videos, and appearing on screen. Except for me, I am the bride who spent her wedding day hiding from all the guests’ cameras.
Personal discomfort aside, I do think that making a brief introduction video is brilliant way to get your message across and if you're applying for a job why not try it?

I don’t recommend 100% doing a video CV, but how about adding it to your cover letter? It's fantastically powerful to be able to say in your own words how enthusiastic you are about a position and get your professionalism, energy, and personality across.

"Studies show that people remember merely 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see at the same time. With this in mind video is a powerful communication tool." 
Source: Harvard Business Review

I've been using my built in microphone and camera on my laptop (normally used for Skype) and then going to a site called EyeJot. This has enabled me to make short video messages - literally a minute long and email them. No software to download, done in one take. If you have a tablet pc, or a video camera you may be able to use existing software, and perhaps even edit the results, but for those doing this for the first time Eyejot is really easy to use.

So would a video introduction help your application stand out? In short yes, if done well, it really can. We have made submissions to clients with and without and a video can sometimes give a candidate the edge.

Let me challenge you - how about when you next apply for a job on our site send me a video message as well?

• Your name
• What you'd like to apply for
• Why you think you're good for the job (not just personality but mention your experience too)
• Why you want to apply
• Finish your message with a 'look forward to hearing from you soon' type of statement.

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