Using Social Media to help with your Job Hunt


Social Media

Social Media Do’s

  • Let people know you are looking - it takes two minutes to update your LinkedIn status, your Twitter bio and to send a tweet and it shows you are serious about your job hunt. Careful not to rest on your laurels though, you will need to repost a couple of times per week so as not to be missed (although take care to post interesting content in between so you are ‘giving’ as well as asking for things!)

Obviously if you’re already working then you can’ t be overt about this, but connecting with or following relevant recruiters, or sending them private messages will work just as effectively.

  • Use LinkedIn to look at everyone you interview with. It shows you have done your research and you will go into your interview feeling a lot more prepared knowing a bit about the person you are meeting.
  • Add people on LinkedIn after you have met them- whether this be a recruiter or a client directly it is a good way to remind them of who you are, shows you are proactive, and will give you exposure to any updates they post which may prove useful in your job hunt.

BUT- be aware  - don’t just add everyone who’s name you come across, keep this to people you have met so as not to spam people.

  • Join groups! There will be hundreds of Linkedin groups or Twitter #hashtags which will be relevant to the area of work in which you are looking, so follow them! There is a wealth of knowledge available and no other source is so fast at updating.

Social Media Dont’s

  • Don’t have an open Facebook profile! Hiring managers will check, and even if there is nothing particularly incriminating on there you don’t want to risk it.
  •  Don’t post inappropriate comments on Twitter- most people will expect your Twitter profile to be open and will again have a look. You should absolutely get your personality across but keep in mind potential employers might read what you write!
  • Don’t forget  to ‘Google’ yourself. This will give you an idea of your digital footprint so you can make steps to clean it up if necessary.
  • Don’t waste your time. Focus on the most useful areas to look- if you want to work for Nike for example, don’t just follow Nike but their specific job stream so you are up to date with the latest vacancies.

Social Media can be a very useful tool in assisting your job hunt and will often give you an advantage as you’ll always be up to date with the right vacancies, and it give you a chance to interact with recruiters and employers in an informal environment before you apply or interview

 It can provide you with access to huge amounts of information which was not available a few years ago, and you can get closer to the people who can help you. However, it is a minefield, so take care not to spam people, or take more than you put in - as with real life, you very soon get a reputation for this. Also I cannot stress enough the importance of being aware of your digital footprint- always bear in mind when posting on Twitter “What would a potential employer think about that”  and always keep a closed Facebook profile.

Oh, and make sure you follow @RPCushing  - now that’s a useful tip!

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