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Join the largest community of research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences professionals.

MRS membership is made up of the best and brightest individuals across the research, insight, analytics and marketing sciences sector.

It opens your world giving access to a range of intelligence, network and learning opportunities, enabling you to take charge of your career. It's a mark of professional commitment and excellence.

Membership of the MRS also offers access to the only dedicated Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme for the sector. CPD allows individual to track, measure, plan and enhance their career. For more information about the MRS CPD programme click here.

MRS is as vibrant and diverse as the sector it serves. Our membership is made up of researchers, planners, analysts, creatives, marketers, business owners, academics and consultants. As MRS members they are united in abiding by the highest standards and creating the most effective impact.

Whatever your level of experience, sector or discipline, MRS membership guarantees you a respected profile among colleagues, clients and employers.

With simple routes to join and upgrade, MRS membership has never been so accessible and rewarding.

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