2019 Resolutions: New Year, New Job


It's that time of year when all recruiters can expect a high level of candidate activity.  Time away from one's job over the Christmas/New Year break in addition to New Year resolutions can cause people to question whether they want to be in the same place in 12 months time.  If this sounds like you then I would always recommend as a first port of call exploring other options within your current place of work.  Speak frankly with your line manager to ask what you need to do to secure promotion or enquire as to whether there any alternative roles internally that could relight your fire and enthusiasm.  Employers would generally far rather keep an employee if all possible - or at least be offered the option of trying to keep them before they look elsewhere.  However, if this is just not an option for you then please read ahead for some pointers for the New Year job search:

  • Be prepared to dedicate time to the search - job hunting can feel like a full time job in itself so if you are currently working be prepared to dedicate time in the evenings/weekends/lunch hours.  Updating your CV, searching for jobs of interest, submitting job applications, networking and interviewing can take up a lot of time.  On the latter point - practise your interview skills - particularly if you've not interviewed for awhile.
  • Have holiday time at easy disposal - if you are currently in a role you will need the flexibility of this time to attend interviews
  • Dust down and update your CV (in Word) and if you're looking for CV writing advice please consult our website (www.stopgap.co.uk/candidates/job-hunting-advice/create-a-winning-cv). 
  • Sign up with a select number of recruiters - we would recommend a maximum of 2-3 recruiters.  You will find duplication after that. Spend time with them to give them a full briefing on what you're looking for and build the relationship. Only work with recruiters who are prepared to get to know you.
  • Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and you've clicked the "Let recruiters know you're open to opportunities" setting.   We also have guidance notes on updating your LinkedIn profile (www.stopgap.co.uk/candidates/job-hunting-advice/create-your-linkedin-profile)
  • Keep the networking going - this is not only valuable when it comes to job search time but also generally for your knowledge of the industry.  Attend research events and keep up with old colleagues - meet for coffee & chat.
  • Finally, be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster - job hunting requires time, patience and positivity. You will experience ups and downs and various frustrations along the way.  Build up your support network - friends and family - who are willing to listen. 

For lots more advice on the job search please visit our website - we have a number of guides written to help people.

Words by Stopgap.

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